” Most danger thing in the world right now is human without humanity “ I can’t stop myself from writing this from my head ,my heart can’t hold this anymore so decided to write. We can see many negative post on social medias these days ,beside a pandemic attack by COVID-19 a new problem isContinue reading “HUMANITY”

Only she knows that her paper always listens . so, every time she want to talk she takes her pen to write and they go into never ending conversation . A beautiful one indeed! sometimes she will push away what she wants because she want it too much, and too much scares because sometimes peopleContinue reading


It’s been almost 2 month of lockdown due to a pandemic situation, which is not a good sign for many sectors ;actually for each and every .It do have negative impact on life of all the living being socially ,physically ,financially,and mentally. somehow it has bring some good changes for nature during these days .WeContinue reading “LOCKDOWN”

March 19

Today is my day off so, decided to write after so many months . I feel so sorry for not being active for so long time. we all are well known about today’s condition of world how we living beings are facing a COVID-19. how sacred we are , every face are covered with maskContinue reading “March 19”

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